Chantier Ofcet in brief

CHANTIER OFCET is a shipyard based in La Rochelle, specialised in the construction of racing and fast cruising sailboats, managed by Yann Dubé. It is the continuity of the company PREPA NAUTIC, created in 2008, which deals with the preparation and maintenance of racing and cruising sailboats.

In 2014, PREPA NAUTIC launched its construction activity with the OFCET 6.50, and was immediately successful. In one year, 11 boats were sold and the 1st and 4th OFCET 6.50 of the series reached the Mini-Transat 2015 podium with the 1st and 2nd place, breaking the 24 hour distance record with a mini: 277.41 miles! This record in series has not been beaten during the Mini-Transat 2017.

The new structure, CHANTIER OFCET, is created to separate the maintenance et construction activites, but also to launch optimally the construction of a 32-feet. In this way, new partners are integrated to the structure (shareholders, financial investors, sponsors...). 

The OFCET 32 with a neat interior and exterior design, is the flagship of the new-generation IRC racing / cruising yachts.



 Chantier Ofcet

Chantier performance

The Shipyard of Performance


At CHANTIER OFCET, we surround ourselves with the best to complete each of our projects.

The design, materials and processes used in the construction of our yachts are subject to constant analysis in order to offer boats with optimal performance to the racers and sailors, without losing sight of the costs and profitability of the whole.

Our know-how is reflected in our ability to build a boat at the lightest, thanks to the composite parts (decks, hulls, side parts) made by infusion process, but still robust to withstand the solicitations of solo offshore racing.

Our manufacturing process is also optimised in order to meet our commitments and ensure repeatability on each boat. Thus, the shipyard has always had a regular production rate and respected the delivery schedules.

Quality, performance and service are the values of our company.